Lots to write about today, but very little time – and I have been absent since Monday. Perhaps I will have to get something out over the weekend.
The big news that I want to address is the Iceland volcanic eruption. I would like to report to you how much carbon dioxide is being spewed into the atmosphere – but my usual sources – the LA Times, the LA Daily News, and the Associated Press – are absolutely SILENT on the issue. Amazing! I went through several references yesterday and today that present wildly conflicting accounts of volcanic vs. human carbon dioxide emissions. As of this moment, I can’t tell you with any confidence if this is a big carbon dioxide event or not. However, consider this: what is the source of the Earth’s “natural” level of carbon dioxide?
Photosynthetic plants have been with Earth for a few billion years. Photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide. Ergo, carbon dioxide has been around for at least a few billion years. The use of fire by humans began perhaps 20,000 years ago – or 0.00002 billion years ago. If our ancestors didn’t produce the carbon dioxide that plants require, who did?
Volcanoes are an obvious source of carbon dioxide, and the probable source for the overwhelming majority of the carbon dioxide that exists on Planet Earth today.
So why don’t the backers of the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory – human-caused global warming, or AGM – want to talk about volcanoes? My theory is this: they can’t think of any legislation that would regulate volcanoes. Not even the AGMers can “solve” the volcano issue. But they can – through legislation like the “Cap and Trade” concept – control your personal behavior, and thus your personal contribution to carbon dioxide emission.
Are you a bigger “polluter” than a volcano? I hope real scientists will answer this question, and that the major media outlets will report the truth of the story when it fully emerges.
Have a nice weekend!

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