Water Distribution Application Deadline

Which one is Goofy?  Both!  And so are you if you miss the January 2 deadline!

Which one is Goofy? Both! And so are you if you miss the January 2 deadline!

It’s easy to forget this deadline with all of the other events of the Holiday Season.  But if you want to take the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California this coming March 21, your application must be postmarked no later than this coming Friday, January 2.  Don’t be late!  Otherwise, you’ll be taking the exam next September instead!

Completing the application for the exam is easy.  It is just a two-page form, and you can find it here:


Click on the link to the “Distribution Exam Application” on the top of the far right column on this page to obtain the application.

You need to have three things in your application: the completed form, your payment, and documentation of your education.  If you don’t have satisfactory documentation for this third item, go ahead and send in your application anyway.  The State will usually accept your application if the first two items are submitted on time, as long as you provide the education documentation within a couple of weeks.  So don’t give up just because you don’t have your official transcript in hand by January 2.  Send in what you have, and keep looking for a form of documentation that the State will accept.  And those requirements are found on that same web site noted above.

Do not let the chaos of the Holiday Season cause you to lose your focus!  The application deadline for the Water Distribution application deadline is this coming Friday!

And after you’ve submitted your application, you can start the new year off right by beginning your preparation for the exam.  And don’t forget that MOST is here to help you pass your exam on March 21!


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