Water Distribution Application Deadline

Don't just sit around!  You've got a deadline to meet!

Don’t just sit around! You’ve got a deadline to meet!

We almost forgot about this very important deadline!  Your application for the March 19 Water Distribution Operator certification exam in California is January 2.  You don’t have much time, but you do have enough!

Your application must be postmarked by this coming Saturday — not received at the State Water Resources Control Board offices in Sacramento.  And you can obtain the application online at :


The application is only two pages and is very simple to complete.  Your application really has three parts:  (1) the two-page application form; (2) your check for the application fee; and (3) satisfactory documentation for your Water education.

Importantly, if you don’t have Part 3, the education documentation ready, submit your application anyway!  The SWRCB staff will usually accept this documentation at a later date.  But make sure the application form and your check get postmarked by Saturday, or your next opportunity to take this exam will be September 17!

And if you’re planning ahead to prepare for the exam, don’t forget that MOST is here online to help.  And we’re also hosting a one-day review course at Santiago Canyon College on March 4.  You can sign up now at:


Happy New Year from MOST!

4 Responses to Water Distribution Application Deadline

  1. avatar Steve G says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you have any D-2 practice tests, I failed my first time taking the D-2 so I was hoping to be more prepared.

  2. avatar Jose Gonzalez says:

    Steve I was hoping you had something to review for my D-4 exam in march. I recall taking a course of yours in santa clarita very informative and helpfull.

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