Water Distribution Course — Online

Have you decided that you need D2 Water Distribution Operator certification from the State Water Resources Control Board?  Have you further noticed that to achieve this career goal you need to complete a “Specialized Training Course” acceptable to the SWRCB?  And have you noticed that you need to complete this course before July 1, or you won’t be certified for at least another year?  And have you been unable to find such a course that does finish before July 1?

Well, MOST and Santiago Canyon College are here for you!  We are offering our beginning Water Distribution course, WATR-061, in a fully online format.  This course begins April 17 and ends June 11 — in plenty of time to send in your D2 application prior to the July 1 deadline.  This course will both qualify you to apply for the September 16 exam, AND prepare you to pass it the first time.  And since this is through a California community college, you cannot beat the price.

Here is where you need to go to apply for this course:


One last thing:  If you just got that certification renewal letter, and you need a bunch of contact hours by July 1 to renew your existing certification — Treatment or Distribution — this course is worth 36 contact hours!

Yours truly will be your instructor for this 3-unit course.  And we are very pleased to be able to offer you this opportunity to advance your SWRCB certification!

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