Water Distribution Deadline Approaches

It's just a fluke that MOST has been silent for a while!

It’s just a fluke that MOST has been silent for a while!

MOST might be guilty of dereliction of duty.  We  haven’t had a post in over a month.  Our apologies to those of you awaiting practice exams and answers to your questions.  Our excuse is that we’ve been really busy.  And we hope that we’ve turned the corner on that and can get back to addressing your issues in a more timely manner.

We would also like to thank again all of you for your support, especially you paying customers out there!  One of the great features of the online courses offered at MOST is that they are available when you need them — even if we’re off on other assignments.  Several of you have received the continuing education/contact hours that you need to renew your Water System Operator certifications.  And that is still our main mission here at MOST.

But our failure to keep blogging regularly means that some important Water news may have escaped your view.  Today, there is an extremely important deadline approaching, and we wanted to make certain that you don’t miss your opportunity.  If you intend to take the next Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California on September 20, you MUST have your application post-marked by July 1.  And that is just a little over one week away.  To obtain your application, click here:


Go way down to the bottom of this page and click on the “Distribution Exam Application.”  The application form for the certification exams is only two pages, and you can fill it out in just a few minutes.  So don’t miss this deadline.  Remember, your next opportunity is six months later — that’s too long to wait for MOST of us!

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