Water Distribution Exam Date Changes

Thanks to Subscriber Jason for bringing this to our attention, and to Karen Hinrichs of the California Department of Public Health for her (very) quick response to our query.  It seems that there are logistical problems at a few — NOT all! — of the exam locations for the next Water Distribution exam.  Here is the link to the clarification from CDPH:


If you submitted an application for this exam, you should be receiving specific instructions in the mail from CDPH.  As always, make sure you read these instructions very carefully, so that you know exactly where you will be taking the exam, when it will be given, and what you need to bring — and NOT bring — to the exam.  It will reduce your stress level on exam day, and thus enable you to do your best.  Pay attention to the details — especially with these date and location changes!

According to the CDPH announcement, the final mailing of notices should take place tomorrow.  So if you haven’t received word from them yet — don’t call now!  Instead, wait until at least this Friday to contact CDPH, to give the mail a chance to get to you.  CDPH is undoubtedly very busy as exam day approaches — especially with the date and location changes for some venues.  If you don’t receive word in the mail, then by all means get in touch by next Monday.

If you’re fortunate — and they’re not swamped at CDPH — perhaps Ms. Hinrichs will have a very prompt explanation for you as well.  Our thanks again to her from MOST!

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