Water Distribution Exam Prep Course

You'll be up Sheep Creek if you don't pass your Water Distribution exam on March 19!

You’ll be up Sheep Creek if you don’t pass your Water Distribution exam on March 19!

Every semester at Santiago Canyon College, we offer a one-day Water Distribution Exam preparation course.  This semester, it will be on Friday, March 4, at our campus in Orange, California.  If you’re getting ready for the March 19 State exam, this is the very best thing you can do for yourself.  And the cost is less than $10 for the course.

And for this modest fee, you also get access to the web site for the course, which has a few hundred practice questions and answers, all the slides we’ll be showing in class on March 4, and several of our MOST videos on key Water Distribution topics.  And this web site is available NOW — all you need to do is sign up.  To do so, go here:


The course number is Water 057.  And if you’re interested in the Water Treatment Exam instead, that course is Water 056, and we’ll hold our in-class session on May 6.

What if you live too far away to commute to Orange for the one-day class?  You can still take full advantage of our web site and all the resources there.  If you contact me in advance, we can make arrangements so that you can receive credit for the course without actually attending in person on March 4.  Or you can purchase the MOST Water DVD.  There are over 40 hours of videos on all things water, including water math, and all for just $120.  Just click on “Contact” from the MOST home page, and let us know you’re interested in the DVD.  We’ll send you the ordering information.

If you have special needs or questions, or if you have difficulty enrolling, please contact me at my campus email address: mclean_stephen@sccollege.edu.

And let’s pass that test on March 19!



4 Responses to Water Distribution Exam Prep Course

  1. avatar DAVID AGUIRRE says:

    Hello my name is David, I will be taking the distribution exam in Phoenix Az, what should I study I would like to be well prepared. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      David: We’re sending you our D1-D2 Practice Exam. But my advice would be to purchase the MOST Water DVD — with over 40 hours of video lessons and over 100 sample math problems — for just $120. You will be well prepared — MOST well prepared!

  2. avatar Brian Bonomo says:

    Hi Steve I was wondering if I can get some practice exams for my T-2 exam. Much appreciated

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