Water Distribution Operator — Exam Application Deadline

We’ve been focused on the May 18 Water Treatment Operator exam for the past few weeks, but many of you need to be aware of another important deadline that is rapidly approaching: July 1 is the deadline for applications for the September 21 Water Distribution Operator exam.  We know that it’s difficult sometimes to think this far in advance, but it is essential given the long time periods built into the certification schedule here in California.

What’s especially important with the application deadlines is that you need to have completed any qualifying courses prior to the deadline — even though the exam is nearly three months after the application deadline.

For MOST folks, that means that you need to find out what is coming up at the closest California Community College — and then to work around their semester-based schedule.  For this July 1 deadline, this means that you should have enrolled in a California Community college course last December or January, and should be completing it in the next couple of weeks.  Unless you’ve got Dr. Who’s tardis, you’re too late!  So today’s post is only for those of you without time travel capabilities.

If you absolutely need to complete a course before July 1 that will qualify you for the September 21 Water Distribution Operator exam, there are still at least two options.  First, you can contact California State University, Sacramento, and inquire about their correspondence courses.  These are often known as the “Ken Kerri” courses, as Dr. Kerri got this program going a few decades ago.  If you think a correspondence course is for you, and you can complete it in the next month or so, check this option out at:


If you prefer a classroom environment, please join us for a five day course, June 10 – 14, with the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association.  We believe this is your best option, but then we might be slightly biased.  Find out more by phone at 909-481-7200, or at:


If you’re aiming for the next Water Distribution Operator certification exam in March 2014, please consider the fine institution where we teach,  College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California.  We have begun offering exam-qualifying courses online,  so you can “attend” from anywhere!

COC is offering one such course this Summer session, from June 10 – August 2, on Advanced Water Distribution.  We’ll be your instructor for that course.  COC is also offering an online course this Fall semester, Introduction to Water Technology, that will qualify you for the D2 exam next March.  Our colleague Mike Alvord will be teaching that course.  Find out more about these opportunities at:


Right now, these types of courses are not available at MOST.  Our mission has been to provide online continuing education/contact hours, as well as courses that assist you in preparing for certification exams.  Perhaps we will explore IACET approval in the future, but for now, the choices noted above are your best options.

And as always, feel free to contact us here at MOST if you have any questions about Water Distribution Operator or Water Treatment Operator certification.  And don’t miss that July 1 deadline!



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