Water Distribution Operator Exam

Don't stay out in the cold!  Visit the MOST YouTube site!

Don’t stay out in the cold! Visit the MOST YouTube site!

Another week has gone by.  Have you done anything to prepare for the Water Distribution Operator certification exam?  In the last couple of weeks, we have posted suggestions for using MOST in your preparations for the March 15 exam.  We continue that this week.

The MOST active part of the MOST universe (Okay, “Universe” is a bit of an overstatement!) is our YouTube site.  We passed the 21,000 mark for site visits, and we see over 50 visits each day.  Over the past few test cycles that visitation rate has doubled in the last few weeks prior to the Water Distribution Operator and Water Treatment Operator certification exams.  What’s on that site that you’ve been missing?

We have about a dozen short videos there, MOST of which are excerpts from our $10, one-hour, online continuing education videos at MOST.  We also have a few “Pop Quiz” type videos that present at least ten typical certification exam questions and answers.  We think these latter ones are an especially great way to prepare for certification exams.

So you haven’t been able to spend an hour a week on studying as we have suggested in our last few posts?  Why not spend five minutes then checking out one of our YouTube videos?  Just click on the YouTube icon under the “Follow Us” banner on the top left part of the MOST home page.

The Water Distribution Operator exam is just over six weeks away!  You have two choices: (a) Study now and pass the exam, or (b) Wait until the last minute to cram, and assure yourself that you’ll do this over again in six months when you fail the exam.  We recommend (a)!  Let MOST help you prepare for success on March 15.

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