Water Distribution Operator Exam — One Week Left!

The MOST Five -- The only formulas you need for Water Math!

The MOST Five — The only formulas you need for Water Math!

March 16 is exam day for many of you Subscribers and other visitors here at MOST.  We wish you the best of luck on the Water Distribution Operator certification exam!  Many of you have already taken us up on our offer for a free sample exam.  That offer still holds, but you need to realize that exam week is a really busy week for us here at MOST — we’ll be doing review classes for several of you!  So if you want a sample exam, please contact us ASAP!

Our half-price offer for the MOST Water Math DVD is also still in effect — but only until exam day.  For $50 (total cost, none of that “shipping and handling” nonsense!) you will receive a DVD with all nine of our MOST Water Math courses.  That’s over nine hours of video lectures with over 100 example problems worked out step-by-step, beginning with basic math problems and working up to the tough ones you might encounter on a D4/D5 or T4 exam.  We really think it’s the MOST effective way for you to gain the knowledge — and the confidence — to score well on the math portion of the certification exams.

We have also seen several of you at our YouTube site, and many of you have subscribed over there too.  Thank you!  Don’t miss out on several short videos there that are great for prepping for certification exams.

With just one week left until the Water Distribution Operator certification exam, we hope you make this weekend a time for studying.  And don’t forget that MOST is here to help you pass next week.

2 Responses to Water Distribution Operator Exam — One Week Left!

  1. avatar Chris Otjen says:

    This seems like a great way to study for the exam.

    • avatar MOST says:

      Thanks, Chris. We agree! (But we might be a little biased!) And the price is right: FREE! The only “catch” is that you need to become a Subscriber at MOST. But that’s FREE too! And it’s a great way to stay informed about water system operator certification issues through our frequent blog posts. Good luck on Saturday’s exam! MOST

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