Water Distribution Sample Exam Now Available to MOST Subscribers

We’ve been promising it for several weeks now, but we finally finished it: we have sample Water Distribution Operator certification exams ready for our Subscribers.  If you’re taking the California exam on March 16, this could be just what you need to cap off your preparations.  And it’s free, as long as you meet two criteria.

First, you need to be a Subscriber here at MOST.  That is also free, and it’s very easy to do.  Just enter your e-mail address in the upper right hand corner of the MOST home page, where it says “Subscribe to Updates.”  Then press “Go” to complete the process.  Easy and free for Step 1!

You can complete Step 1 even if you don’t want a Water Distribution Operator sample exam!  By doing so, you will join more than 125 other MOST Subscribers in receiving the latest information on Water Industry topics of interest to Distribution and Treatment Operators.  And did we mention that it is free?

Step 2 is also easy and free: you have to ask for it.  We’re really good here at MOST, but we fall short when it comes to clairvoyance!  Once you have become a Subscriber, just send us an e-mail requesting the exam you want.  We offer two: one for the D1-D2 levels, and one for the D3-D4 — and maybe even the D5 — levels.  We’ll e-mail you the sample exam and answer key as soon as we hear from you.

As you continue your preparations for the March 16 exam, don’t forget our YouTube site.  There we have more free tools to help you get ready.  Please take a moment to Subscribe to our YouTube site too!

And our offer for the ten-hour MOST Water Math DVD still stands: it is only $50 — half-price! — until exam day on March 16.  Just “Contact” us or send us an e-mail to get the details.


179 Responses to Water Distribution Sample Exam Now Available to MOST Subscribers

  1. avatar Doral Walker says:

    I would like a copy of the wastewater exam D1-D2 level. Thank you!

  2. avatar David Turney says:

    Hi Steve, I would like to receive the Water Distribution Operator sample exam for the D-2 test. Thank you very much.
    Dave Turney

  3. avatar Andy says:

    I just signed up here on the site, Please send the D2 over to my email so I can use for reference…

  4. avatar gerad says:

    would like d2 exam please

  5. avatar Dan Drugan says:

    Hey Steve!

    Can you throw a sample D2-D3 exam my way? Great website!


  6. avatar David Newman says:

    Could I have a copy of the D-1 practice exam?

  7. avatar Mike says:

    I would like a copy of the Water Distribution Operator exam D1 level. Thank you!

  8. avatar ricardo says:

    I would like to receive a copy of the sample test fr D1. Thank you

  9. avatar Billy says:

    D 2 please.

  10. avatar Jeff sexton says:

    Hi, I would like sample test for ca. Distribution test one please.

  11. avatar gustavo Garcia says:

    I would like a copy of the Water Distribution Operator exam D2 level. Thank you!

  12. avatar alora says:

    Just subscribed. Can i get a D2 sample? That would be great! I’ve been studying for months and any additional resources would be great! Thanks for everything you’ve posted on here! Great looking out.

  13. avatar Joe says:

    Please send me a water distribution practice exam for the D1 level. Thank you

  14. avatar C Fischer says:

    Could I get a copy of the D1 practice exam?

  15. avatar Dave says:

    Hi Steve,

    If possible I would like the D3 and D4 exam for study purposes.

    Thank You

  16. avatar Robert Sanchez says:

    Would it be possible to get a T2-T1 practice exam.

    Robert Sanchez

  17. avatar brennon says:

    Water distribution 2 please! !

  18. avatar kevin says:

    hi, may I have a sample d2 test please. thank you

  19. avatar kevin says:

    may I also have a t2 sample test please. thank you

  20. avatar Cesar says:

    would it be possible to get a D1 and D2 practice exam. Thank you.

  21. avatar Peter Taitano says:

    is it possible to get treatment level 2 and distribution level 2 practice exam. thank you

  22. avatar Thanh says:

    D2 test please. thank you

  23. avatar leticia says:


  24. avatar TINO says:


  25. avatar Robert says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the D2 test.

  26. avatar Stephanie Routhier says:

    Please email me the D1-D2 and D3-D4 test inclusive the answering key.


  27. avatar Lee says:

    Hi.. may I have D2 sample exam please. Thank you

  28. avatar Lee says:

    Hi Steve Mclean,
    I know you sent D2 sample test to me but I don’t get it and I check it was wrong email. it is my mistake so can you please resend distribution D2 sample test for me one more time.

    Thank You Steve Mclean

  29. avatar Noel says:

    May I please get the D1/D2 sample exam? Thank you!

  30. avatar Heather says:

    Great website! Please send sample D1 test. Thank you

  31. avatar Andrew hendrickson says:

    Hi Steve would I be able to get a copy of the d1 practice exam?

  32. avatar andew hendrickson says:

    Could I please have the d4 and d5 practice test

  33. avatar brent says:

    please send me a copy of the D2 study exam thank you

  34. avatar eric says:

    Please send sample D2 + 3 test. Thank you

  35. avatar Clayton says:

    Could I please get a sample D1 test?

  36. avatar brian ada says:

    Hey steve . taking my water distribution operator Class C exam soon, could you send me a sample test Pls?

  37. Hi I would like the D4 SAMPLE EXAM please!

  38. avatar Jay Dowdy says:

    Hi i would like the D2 sample exam please

  39. avatar Jay Dowdy says:

    Hi I would like the D2 exam please

  40. avatar Christopher Criss says:

    Hi I would like the D4 and D5 exam please…


  41. avatar John Lee says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am hoping you can send a sample for D3.

    Thank you!

  42. avatar John Lee says:

    Can you please send me the sample d3 test?

    Thank you!

  43. avatar Gilbert Castillo says:

    i would to receive a d1 practice test please.

  44. avatar Stacy says:

    Hi I’d like D1 exam. Thanks.

  45. avatar anthony says:

    Can i get a copy of the d-1 sample exam?

  46. avatar Al says:

    Hi could i get a sample D1 test Thank you

  47. avatar Justin Jones says:

    Hello, can you please send me a sample exam for CA’s D2? Thanks!!

  48. avatar Pat says:

    I would like a copy of the D3 exam.

  49. avatar Kathleen R Davis says:

    Please send the D1 Exam

  50. avatar Deston Swift says:

    I would please like to receive a D1 water distribution exam

  51. avatar Louis Schmidt says:

    Hi, I’d like questions and answers for D2 and T2 certification exams. Thank you.

  52. Hi steve can i get an exam sample for the d3 test please

  53. avatar Brad says:

    Hello, I’d like the D2 exam please!

    Thanks, Brad

  54. avatar Mike Mathiasen says:

    Hi- Please send me the D3 / D4 exam please…

    Thank You!

  55. avatar Juan Valencia says:

    D2 this Saturday hopefully I’m not to late

  56. avatar M Abbene says:

    I like a copy of D2 exam

  57. avatar David Pena says:

    Hello! Would like D1-D2 please!

  58. avatar Tiago Machado says:

    Good morning Steven, can I please have D1 exam? Thank you very much!!

  59. avatar Tiago says:

    can I have a copy too?
    thanks ! Merry Christmas!

  60. avatar Ken Te says:

    Please send me the sample exams for D1 and D2. Thanks.

  61. avatar fred says:

    Hello I would also like the D1 – D2 sample tests.

  62. avatar Derryck says:

    I would like a free copy of the d2 water distribution exam if at all possible. Thank you

  63. avatar Ruben Garcia says:

    Can you send me a sample exam for the D2 exam

  64. avatar William Dorey says:

    can you send me a sample for D1 exam please.

  65. avatar Charles May says:

    Please send T2, and D2 please. THANKS!

  66. avatar Pete Brandt says:

    Id like a copy of D-3 practice test please.

  67. avatar David says:

    I would like a free copy of the D1 and d2 water distribution exam if at all possible. Thank you

  68. avatar Ken Te says:

    Can you please send me the D3 and D4 practice exams? Thanks.

  69. Hey steve may you send me a d3 and d4 eam Thank you



  70. avatar Hayden Wood says:

    Hey. Thank you for the help. Can you please send me a a D1-D2 practice test. The test is March 19 and it’s March 8th.

  71. avatar Joe says:

    Hello I would also like the D1 – D2 sample tests please

  72. avatar Jim Truong says:

    Hi Steve I’m taking the water d2 test next week. Can you send me a d2 exam please

  73. avatar Joseph Intersimone says:

    Hi. Can you please send me a D2 exam. Thank you

  74. avatar James little says:

    Can I get a practice test for the D2 exam? Scheduled to take it in a few days!

  75. avatar tyson morecraft says:

    may i get the D1 practice test please

  76. avatar Roger says:

    D3 exam prep test questions would be great

  77. avatar Matthew says:

    Hi, could I please have a D2 exam sent? Thanks!

  78. avatar Martha says:

    I would like a copy of the Water Distribution Operator exam D1 and D2 level.

    Thank you!

  79. avatar Mike says:

    Hi Steve!!
    could I get both practice exams please?

    Thanks, Mike

  80. avatar Jonathan says:

    Please send sample test for D2

  81. avatar Jonathan says:

    d2 test please

  82. avatar Ian wilcott says:

    D1-D2 practice test please

  83. avatar Scott says:

    Hi is this exam for California.If so could I get D2exam.Thanks

  84. avatar Brandon says:

    Just subscribed, great website. Is there anyway I could get a D1 exam practice exam sent to my email?
    Thanks again

  85. avatar James says:

    can i get the D1?

  86. avatar Nina says:

    D2California please

  87. avatar Daniel Urena says:

    I need some practice question for my d2 is my fourth time taking I need some good martial to study

  88. avatar Ron says:

    Taking the D5 on Saturday. anything that can assist? Thanks again.

  89. avatar Ever says:

    Hi could I please get a d-2 exam please.

  90. avatar Sukh says:

    May I get a ca distribution 2 practice exam

  91. avatar Michael C says:

    I would like a copy of the Water Distribution Operator exam D1 and D2 level.

    Thank you!

  92. avatar Brian says:

    Hi, I just subscribed and request a CA D2 practice exam please. Thank you.


  94. avatar Rob says:

    Could please get a D1 practice exam, thanks in advance.

  95. avatar Tim says:

    Can I please get a CA D1 practice exam?

  96. avatar Adam says:

    Can I get a CA D1 practice exam please Steve? Thanks!

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