Water For Drinking

Is Water for Drinking?

Is Water for Drinking?

“Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting.”  Although there is some controversy regarding the actual author of this phrase (which is widely attributed to Mark Twain), there can be little controversy as to its truth — at least in California.

We suppose that teetotalers may dissent with the whiskey-drinking aspect, but anyone who has been in California for a while knows all about water fighting!

But is water for drinking?  The water quality regulations would certainly indicate so.  But relatively little water in the State — WAY less than one percent! — is actually consumed.

Apparently, the First Lady wishes to change this in the USA:


MOST is a big proponent of drinking tap water as well, so apparently we do agree with FLOTUS on something.  After all, a native Californian wouldn’t want to fight over water.

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