Water Jobs Outlook: Good!

National unemployment numbers continue to be very troubling, and an anemic economic recovery from the last recession doesn’t appear to be generating all that many jobs.  In fact, there are millions fewer people working in America today than there were just a few short years ago.  Thankfully for us Water folks, that trend has not impacted our industry — at least not to the extent experienced by most of the rest of the economy.

See these two recent articles on this topic:



What is special about the water industry?  Well, for one thing, water will never go out of style!  Can you possibly imagine a consumer product or commodity that is as truly “vital” as water?  That definitely contributes to job security!

The first article above discusses some demographic trends in our industry that provide further hope for those trying to enter our ranks.  It turns out, many water guys are kind of old (including yours truly)!  As we “graybeards” retire, there will be many vacancies that absolutely need to be filled.

Working every day with people that want to join the Water industry, I encounter a lot of folks that are discouraged by their lack of success in finding Water jobs.  I can only point them to studies and reports like these, and tell them to keep trying.  As they say on Wall Street, “The trend is your friend!”

So what can you do to capitalize on this trend?  You can start by passing your certification exams!  In California, the next exam is just one week away.  Are you ready?  My job this week will be helping many of you to get ready — and I’m looking at a very busy week.  If you still want a sample Water Treatment Operator exam — for free! — you need to do two things: become a MOST Subscriber and Contact MOST to request the sample exam.  That’s all!  But do it now!  I will be extremely hard to reach this week with all the review classes I’m teaching.  If you wait a couple days, I may not be able to get you the sample exam in time.  So do it now!

Today’s photo is another from Yosemite National Park, courtesy Nancy.  This is Nevada Falls, from near the top of the Mist Trail.

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