Conversions — The Most Important Math Skill

Subscriber Michael was facing a math problem that asked him to covert a flow rate of milliliters per minute (mL/min) into gallons per day (GPD).  This is the most common type of operation you will encounter in water math: the conversion.  If you can’t do conversions, you can’t pass a certification exam.  Period!

I am very proud of course WM-1 on Unit Dimensional Analysis, which is the tool we use to do these essential conversions.  If you’re not confident with conversions, I highly recommend this course.  It may be the best $10 investment in your career you will ever make.

Remember also that each course here at MOST is available to you for a full year after purchase!  You can only get one course completion certificate, but you can review the course over and over if you like.  And when it comes to the math courses, that can be really helpful.

In our math courses at MOST, we present a few typical examples of the use of a math formula or skill.  Following that, we present several practice problems using the same formula or skill.  For the practice problems, I ask the viewer to read the problem, and then “Pause” the video (using the “Pause” button on the bottom of the video display).  While in Pause, I expect you to work out the problem on your own.  Then you can hit the “Play” button (again, at the bottom of the video display), and we walk through the solution together.

And then we do it all over again with several more practice problems!  You can choose to just watch the math course videos, but they are structured for you to be an active participant, and to work through about ten different problems in each Water Math course here at MOST.

In Michael’s case, I actually put together a quick YouTube video to look at his specific example.  Click on the YouTube button at the bottom of this screen to view it.  And if you have a topic that you think I can address in a (free!) YouTube clip, please let me know by clicking on the Contact button at the top of the page.

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