The Pounds Formula: Online Now!

We just posted MOST Course WM-6, Chemical Dosage Calculations: The Pounds Formula.  As you prepare for any grade of Treatment Operator license, this is the MOST important mathematical relationship for you — by far!  So, we’re very happy to have this one available about five weeks prior to the next Treatment Operator exam here in California.

As with all of our Water Math courses here at MOST, we show you the formula, the units of measurement that apply, and what types of problems can be solved with the formula.  We then provide at least a dozen example and practice problems, all worked out for you in a step-by-step manner.

And very importantly, as with all of our MOST courses, after purchase, the course is available to you for a full year!  While you can only receive one certificate of completion (and one contact hour of credit) per course, you can take and re-take the course as many times as you wish during that year.  This is especially helpful with the math topics, as you can review the examples and practice problems as an exercise prior to taking a certification exam.

Because of the importance of this mathematical relationship, we actually have a second course planned on the Pounds Formula, MOST Course WM-7, Calculating Chemical Dosages: The Pounds Formula for Chlorination and Fluoridation.  I’m still working on it, but I hope to have it available to you in the next week.  Between WM-6 and WM-7, there is no better way online to prepare yourself for Pounds Formula water math problems!  And it’s still only $10 per course here — the MOST value for your continuing education dollar!

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