Water Math: Conversions

You could find yourself out in the cold if you can’t perform water math conversions!

Are you ready for the Water Distribution Operator certification exam on September 15?  How are your water math skills?  At MOST, we’re here to help!  Today we are pointing you back to an older post on the MOST essential math skill, Dimensional Analysis.  Or, for MOST people, Conversions.


We’re a firm believer that water math conversions are the MOST important math skill you can bring to the exam.  In fact, it’s our very first course in our Water Math series here at MOST.  And you can get a quick sample of what this course will teach you, just by watching the sample video on our home page.
If you are shocked and bewildered when you watch this sample video, we don’t like your chances on the State exam.  That’s because conversions are a part of every math problem you will encounter — either directly or indirectly.  So how should you deal with this hole in your math skills?  Take our Water Math- I course!  It will be the best $10 you ever spent!  That’s right: it’s only $10!  That’s pretty cheap insurance for your success on the State exam.

And remember that you can replay our one-hour videos as many times as you like for a full year, without ever paying another cent for the privilege!

So watch our sample video.  Read the blog post linked above.  If you find that you’re not completely comfortable with the topic of water math conversions, please “Enroll” today in MOST Course WM-1!  It will be the MOST useful thing you do to prepare for the State exam!

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