Water Math: Conversions

MOST is on YouTube! And we have videos to help you get ready for the Water Treatment certification exam!

If you’re a long time Subscriber to MOST — and we have many Subscribers that joined us on our former blogspot site over three years ago! — you have heard this sermon before:  The MOST important math skill you can bring to the certification exam is the ability to perform conversions.

How many gallons in a cubic foot?  How many million gallons in a storage tank?  How many cubic yards of excavation?  The list is endless.  In fact, there is not one single math problem you will encounter where conversions are not a major factor.

The best way to address conversions is with a standard procedure known as Unit Dimensional Analysis.  That term is pretty scary, but the procedure is very simple.  In fact, it only has three steps:

1. Start with what you know

2. Divide by 1

3. Multiply by 1

We’re confident you can remember those three steps!  For a quick look at this procedure, go to the MOST YouTube site:


While you’re there, become a Subscriber to our YouTube site too.  You are not automatically a Subscriber there just because you are a MOST Subscriber!

If you like what you see, and you realize you need more practice with Unit Dimensional Analysis, please try our MOST Water Math course WM-1.  We spend a full hour going over this procedure, and go step-by-step through 25 separate example problems.  After this one hour course, you’ll be ready to tackle any conversion problem you will face on the certification exam.  It’s only $10, and you can replay it as many times as you like for up to a full year.  And it’s available online right now here at MOST!

As we’ve said before, this is your best friend in Water Math.

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