MOST Water Math DVD

We know it's Goofy, but the MOST Water Math DVD is only $50!

We know it’s Goofy, but the MOST Water Math DVD is only $50!

There are now less than eight weeks to go until the March 15 Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California!  We hope that you have begun your studying as we urged in our post last week.  Set aside at least one hour each week to prepare.  As we have noted many times in this space, studying is most effective when you do just a little at a time.  But with much to cover, that means you need to start early — and that means now!

This week we have three suggestions on how MOST can help you pass the exam.  First, “Subscribe to Updates” at the MOST home page, if you’re not already a Subscriber.  It is absolutely free, and our blog posts will show up in your email to provide information on the exam and short lessons on common exam problems.

Second, as a free service to our MOST Subscribers, we will provide you with a practice exam.  Just “Contact” MOST and ask for it!  We have two practice exams, one that simulates the D1-D2 exams and a second that simulates the D3-D4 exam.  So make sure you tell us which exam you want.  Did we mention that it’s free for MOST Subscribers?

And our final suggestion this week is for those of you that find the math problems the MOST difficult part of the certification exam.  MOST offers all nine of the Water Math courses from our web site on a single DVD — for only $50!  These courses are already a bargain online for only $10 each, so this DVD is an even bigger bargain.

The MOST Water Math DVD has over ten hours of video, and goes through more than 100 sample math problems, step-by-step.  And in the DVD format, you can learn at your own pace, and go back over problems that you didn’t quite get the first (or second, or third) time around.  If math is your trouble spot, you owe it to yourself to get the MOST Water Math DVD.  It could easily mean passing on March 15 instead of having to re-take the exam six months from now.

To order, just “Contact” MOST and ask for the MOST Water Math DVD.  Make sure you give us your mailing address.  We’ll send you an invoice through PayPal, and as soon as the payment is received, we’ll mail the MOST Water Math DVD to you.  Do it now so that you’ll have plenty of time to work with it before exam day.

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  1. avatar George says:

    Can I get practice exams for D-2 and T-1.

  2. avatar Jason Lavoie says:

    Can I get practice exam for T-2?

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