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Many of you have enquired about the recent absence of blog posts here at MOST.  Fear not, all is well.  And thank you all for asking.  We’ve just been swamped for the past two years at our new assignment as Chair of the Water Utility Science program at Santiago Canyon College.  MOST has suffered a bit from neglect, but we have great online learning news for you Water folks.

You can now get a Certificate of Achievement in Water Treatment from Santiago Canyon College without ever coming to our campus!  That is correct!  Yours truly will be teaching all seven of the courses required for this Certificate online.  And our online schedule begins with our Summer Session on June 13.  If you stick with me, by this time next year you could complete this Certificate.

In the fine print of the State Water Resources Control Board water operator certification regulations is this little known fact: the completion of a Certificate of Achievement — like this one at SCC — counts as one full year of Operator experience!  That is something that can really propel your Water career.

We will follow this Summer offering of Water 050, Water Mathematics and Hydraulics, with Water 061 (Water Distribution I), Water 071 (Water Treatment I), and Water 052 (Water Conservation), during our Fall semester.  Then next Spring we will offer the remaining three courses, Water 072 (Water Treatment II), Water 073 (Water Quality), and Water 107 (California Water Resources).

Importantly, Water 050 is a prerequisite for both Water 061 and 071 this Fall.  So if you want to have that Certificate of Achievement by this time next year, you need to enroll in Water 050 — and do it right now!

Here’s where to go for more information:


We hope to “see” many of you MOST Subscribers in Water 050 this Summer at SCC!

8 Responses to Water Math Online at SCC

  1. avatar Chris VanEvery says:

    Just Curious, Is Water 050 going to be the only class available this summer?

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      Better give me a tardy slip, Chris! We just finished our Summer session, and our Electrical course was offered on campus. I apologize for the late notice.

  2. avatar Joe Taft says:

    How much is the Water 050 class?

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      Hi Joe. Long time no email! Sorry to take so long to answer this question. All of our courses at Santiago Canyon College are 3 units, and the tuition is $46 per unit, so $138 for the course. There is also a one-time $25 application fee to become a student here at SCC. Sorry you missed our Summer course, but look for Water 050 online again next Summer, and three other courses this Fall and next Spring semesters.

    Is this course $220.00 why does it take 1 year?

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      Paul, sorry to be so tardy in getting back to you. The Water Math course usually takes a normal, 16-week semester to complete, and it costs about $150. What we were trying to say about the one-year period is this: Santiago Canyon College is offering all 7 of the courses required for a “Certificate of Achievement” in Water Treatment, completely online, and within a one-year period. Which is a very fast way to earn such a certificate. And a very do-able way for folks that don’t live in Orange County, California!

  4. avatar Mark David says:

    Great to know that, there is water treatment course available in Santiago which is useful for student. But I am curious that, course fees is too much for this.

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      Please tell me you don’t sell expensive, whole-house water systems (that remove “toxins” that are not present in the first place) to little old ladies. Because I don’t like people that do that.

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