Was Einstein Wrong?

Research scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have experimental data that suggests that there could be something wrong with Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.  See:


These scientists have measured a particle travelling faster than the cosmic speed limit — the speed of light.  Einstein’s special theory holds that no particle can possibly do so.  Was Einstein wrong?

I don’t know if this data will hold up under scrutiny, but let’s assume that it does.  Would Einstein be upset that he was wrong?  I doubt it.  Einstein was a real scientist, and he would remind you that you cannot prove a theory!  One solitary bit of confirmed contrary evidence is all that is required to disprove any theory.   A theory is our best explanation of observations, until a better explanation is found — even if it takes nearly a century as in this case.

As a real scientist, Einstein would be appalled at the “scientists” espousing human-caused global warming today.  They use terms such as “consensus,” and “the argument is settled” to proclaim that there is no possibility that their theories are not absolutely correct.  Real scientists — like those at CERN — are always questioning and testing their theories, and seeking ways to make better and more accurate measurements in their experimental work.

Those who insist upon (otherwise) universally accepted scientific methods have been labelled as “deniers” by the Warmists.  In fact, the Warmists are denying the basic principles of science.  As a scientist, that makes it nearly impossible for me to accept their work and conclusions.

If the scientific community is willing to believe that Einstein is wrong, how can it be unwilling to challenge the Warmists?

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