What Price Water?

Thanks to my friend Bill for forwarding a recent article from the San Diego Union-Tribune.  In it, Dutch economist David Zetland describes how water is priced very differently from other commodities in our society.  He contends that this robs us of a “natural” means of rationing the scarce commodity that is water.  He contrasts water pricing with that of other commodities to show how market pricing could be used to increase water conservation.  You can read his article at:


With California requiring a 20 percent reduction in water consumption by 2020, we should be open to any and all means to attain this incredibly challenging goal.  Yes, even if that means the price of water will go up.  (News flash: that’s going to happen anyway!)

We face another challenging deadline here in California: the Treatment Operator exam is less than four weeks away.  How are you preparing for the exam?  If math is your biggest issue, I recommend our water math courses here at MOST.  Each has at least a dozen sample problems with step-by-step solutions — and the cost is only $10.  Not only that, but you can view the course as many times as you want for a full year — at no additional cost!  We’re confident that you will find it the MOST effective way to prepare for the certification exam.

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