Water Storage Update and Certification Exam Day

The Department of Water Resources updated their storage graph yesterday, and we continue to see an encouraging trend at Lake Oroville. Storage has almost reached last year’s levels for the same date. As the graph shows, last year also saw a sizable increase in storage in May — that’s fairly unusual. But I expect that we will see a similar increase this year, since the snowpack is better than at this time last year. The spring melt of the snowpack will show up as increased reservoir storage.
DWR cautiously raised the allocation to 30% of requests a few days ago, but most of us still expect them to bump this up to 40% after the May 1 snow survey. However, reservoir storage levels remain very low, and that may cause DWR to hold allocations down this year.
In other news, are you ready for the California Water Treatment Operator exam on May 15? If you’re taking the test on that day, don’t procrastinate: make sure you study every day between now and test day. I recommend daily study, but short durations. Promise yourself that you’ll skip the Seinfeld reruns each day, and no matter how tired you are after work, you’ll put in 20 – 30 minutes each day. If you do that, you’ll be fine on May 15.
If during your studies for the exam you encounter an issue or a math problem that you can’t figure out, please contact me at mclean.stephen@ca.rr.com. I’m here to help you get that certificate!

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