Water Storage Update and World Water Day

The results of Wednesday’s snow survey are encouraging. The California Department of Water Resources reports that the snow levels are at 107 percent of normal. That’s not way above normal, but it’s better than the 80 percent of normal at this same time last year.
Because the last three years have been poor from a water supply standpoint, our reservoirs remain well below normal for this time of year. We’re dealing with a water deficit. Unlike the federal government’s money deficit, we can’t “print” water to make up for our deficit: no water means no water.
So after February, the wettest month of the year in these parts, we still have a long way to go. We’ll report back to you in another month, following the April 1 snow survey. In the mean time, you can watch the status of our largest reservoir, Lake Oroville, at http://www.water.ca.gov/swp/operationscontrol/orostorage.cfm. This is the graph we showed you last Tuesday, and it usually gets updated each week.
In other news, I happened to be in the local Starbucks this morning, and came across bottles of Ethos Water. Intrigued, I had to take a look at their web site. You can find it at http://www.ethoswater.com. On that site, they had an announcement for World Water Day, which is just around the corner on March 22. The web site for this event is http://www.waterday.org. Should you wish, you can sign up at this site for additional information alerts from this organization.

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