Water Supply Update

As low as the water was last year, it's even worse now.

As low as the water was last year, it’s even worse now.

Unless you were really out of it, you must have noticed that we got precious little rain and snow in California this past year.  In fact, in many places around the State it was the driest year on record.  And that certainly affects our water supply update.

The State Department of Water Resources announces the “Allocation” for the coming year on or about December 1.  A few days ago, the 2014 allocation was announced, and it was a dismal 5 percent.  That means that, at this date, the DWR will promise you only 5 percent of what you have bought and paid for.  That’s not much, folks.

Let’s not give up hope, though.  This allocation is updated every month or so throughout the year, and it has been known to increase dramatically.  What we need is some precipitation!  The major storage reservoirs in the State are at abysmally low levels, so even if we do get a nice wet Winter, DWR will be holding back on the allocation just so it can refill these reservoirs.  Go here for the current reservoir conditions:


As we do each year, MOST will provide you with water supply updates as conditions change.  Let’s hope that we will have good news to share with you soon.  In the mean time, save water!

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