Water Supply Update

As promised, I personally conducted an assessment of water supply here in California over the past weekend.  Despite this being the final weekend of the Summer season, I found water in places in the Sierras that are often bone-dry by this time of year.  That’s definitely good news for our water supply picture.

In late April, the California Department of Water Resources increased their “Allocation” to 80 percent of “Entitlement.”  In short, “Entitlement” is what the water users pay for, and “Allocation” is what the State says they can deliver.  Ideally, the allocation would always be 100 percent, except in drought circumstances.  Given the record precipitation of the past year, I fearlessly predicted that DWR would eventually raise their allocation to 100 percent.  Quite amazingly, I was wrong!  See if you concur with DWR’s assessment by checking out the official water supply picture at:


At this late date in 2011, it won’t really help any of the water users if DWR were to increase the allocation.  In fact, in about two months DWR will announce its allocation for next year.  Last year, the initial allocation was only 25 percent.  With record or near-record storage throughout the state, DWR owes the water users a much higher initial allocation for 2012.

But we’ll have to see.  If DWR is convinced that they can’t deliver 100 percent in a year like this, then nothing is certain.  DWR owes us a full explanation as to why this is so.

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