Water Supply Update

The California Water Supply picture: Could be better!

The California Water Supply picture: Could be better!

As we noted at few posts ago, the California Department of Water Resources conducts field surveys of the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountains on or about the first of the month from January through May each year.  The purpose is to estimate the water supply frozen in the snow, which is the largest single component of water storage in California most years.

DWR’s January 1 report was very encouraging, with snow levels at around 150 percent of normal for that date.  However, most of the precipation in California falls in January, February, and March, so a big number on January 1 only gets us so far.

The February 1 number is in, and things certainly look worse than they did a month ago.  See:


We are now below normal levels, thanks to a relatively warm and dry January.  And the forecast for the first half of the shortest-yet-normally-wettest month is for continued dryness.  This is very ominous following the poor precipitation that we had in 2012.

So please continue to pray for rain!  If February is as dry as January, we might even get the atheists praying!

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