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We just began receiving a new magazine called — appropriately enough! — “Water System Operator.”  They also go by “WSO,” as everything these days seems to be known only by acronym.  (Like MOST!)  The cover article this month caught our attention.  See:


In 1989, we moved from a consulting engineering firm, James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc. — now Montgomery Watson Harza — to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  We began our six years there in ozone research, so it is very gratifying to see it finally come to fruition.

We concluded our time at Metropolitan serving as the Water Purification Engineer, where we were directly responsible to the Department of Public Health for the performance of five of the largest water treatment plants in the world — for over two years, ours was the signature on the monthly reports for half of the drinking water in Southern California.

We were privileged to have an outstanding team of professionals working for us at that time.  We are also very gratified that MOST of the plant managers at Metropolitan worked for us during that period.  The exception is the plant manager that is at Jensen now; his predecessor, who was in charge during the construction and initial operations of the ozone retrofit, was not.  We were a tad disappointed that James Kostelecky didn’t get mentioned in the article, but he has since moved on to manage Metropolitan’s Weymouth plant, and is overseeing their retrofit with ozone.

The main source of information for the article was Heather Collins, who was an intern in our shop in the Water Quality Division, and moved to the Department of Public Health before returning to Metropolitan, this time as the Water Treatment Section Manager.

And the fellow on the magazine cover this month is in our advanced water distribution course this Summer Session at College of the Canyons.

We would have to say that we are MOST proud of all of them.  Congratulations on a great article, and on the tremendous accomplishments!

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