Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

MOST makes preparing for certification exams as easy as going over the falls!

We know you’ve been trying to put it out of your mind, but the time has come to face facts: the Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam for California is only five weeks away.  If you’re taking the exam, you need to do some studying this weekend.  And MOST is here to help you.

We’re so proud of our Water Math courses that we now offer all nine of them on a single DVD for only $100.  If the math portion of the exam is what concerns you, try our DVD.  It covers the full range of math problems from basic to advanced, and provides step-by-step solutions to over 100 sample problems.  If this is the kind of help you need to pass your exam, just hit the Contact link at the top of the page and we’ll ship it to you right away.

If you want to tackle the math this weekend, you can do it online here at MOST.  We recommend starting with Dimensional Analysis, MOST Course WM-1.  Like all our courses, it’s only $10, and you can replay it as many times as you wish for a full year.  That is really helpful on those math topics!

We also recommend our Water Quality and Water Treatment courses for those of you getting ready for the exam.  We provide great information on the fundamentals of these topics.  How great, you ask?  So great that MOST is the provider of the standard water technology curriculum for California Community Colleges.  How great is that!

And don’t forget our standing offer: FREE to all MOST Subscribers, a sample Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam and answer key.  Just hit the Contact button, and be sure to tell us what grade you are pursuing.  And if you’re not a Subscriber, what are you waiting for?  That too is FREE!  Just enter your e-mail address under the Subscribe to Updates box on our home page.

And if you’re in need of contact hours to renew your certification, we provide the MOST convenient and MOST economical online courses on the web.  Just click on Courses to see what we have to offer.

MOST is here to help you get — and keep! — your Water System Operator certification.

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