Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

Pyramind Lake, California, courtesy Subscriber Victor.
Hey Victor! Did you pass the exam?

We are now down to three weeks of study time remaining prior to the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  Time to visit MOST to check out a course on Chlorination math or the Total Coliform Rule or the Surface Water Treatment Rule so that you’re primed and ready for the exam.  MOST could make the difference between passing the exam on November 17 and paying a re-examination fee for the “privilege” of doing it all over again in six months.

We are also beginning to get reports in from those of you who took the Water Distribution Operator exam on September 15.  So far, everyone who has reported in has passed!  Congratulations!  That is an especially impressive feat given the huge changes in the exam.

That also means that renewal time is coming up for those of you that passed less than three years ago.  And renewal means continuing education/contact hours are needed.  That’s our main mission here at MOST: to provide economical and convenient continuing education at renewal time.  As soon as you are finished watching one of our videos, you can print out your completion certificate, and you have both the continuing education and the documentation you need to renew your State certification.  If it’s renewal time for you, see what we have to offer here at MOST.  We’re confident you’ll come back to us for your next renewal, too.

2 Responses to Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

  1. avatar Charles says:

    Hey Steve, I would like to thank you for your D3-D4 study guide that you sent me on my e-mail. I just received notice on the mail that I passed my D5. Yeah!!!!!!

    • avatar MOST says:

      Charles: Nice going! Congratulations! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for keeping my record intact — even with the D5. So far, no one has reported a failure back to MOST. We’re pretty proud of that over here! Thank you!

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