Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam — Only One Week To Go!

Don’t feel like you’re all alone on your certfication exam! Let MOST help!

Time sure does fly, especially if something really important is coming up.  And what could be more important to a Water Treatment Operator than certification exam day?  Are you ready yet?  If not, there’s still time to prepare.  But don’t let this weekend — and for many of us, the Veterans’ Day Holiday on Monday — pass you by!  It’s probably your last best chance to get some quality study time in.

One of the best things you can do to prepare is to sit down to a set of questions that is similar in length and difficulty to the certification exam, and then to time yourself.  You need to know how rushed you will be on exam day.  That will help you to work at the proper pace next Saturday — not rushing, but not wasting time either.  One of the classic errors people make during exams like this is getting hung up on one problem, and then not leaving enough time to complete the other problems.

You don’t need to get every question correct!  Seventy percent on the exam gets you a Water Treatment Operator certificate!  So if you do find a really tough problem, and you find that you can’t solve it in less than five minutes — just move on!  Skip that tough one, and come back to it later, if time permits.

How can you get your hands on a good sample certification exam?  It’s easy!  Just ask!  If you are a Subscriber here at MOST, send us an e-mail requesting a sample exam.  It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a Subscriber, and to demonstrate to you how much help MOST can be as you prepare for the certification exam.

3 Responses to Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam — Only One Week To Go!

  1. avatar Troy Neally says:

    I would like to be sent the T1 practice exam so that I can study for the test this Saturday, thank you in advance.

    -Troy Neally

  2. Hi, I was wondering what I had to do to get a sample exam for the treatment grade 2 exam. Thanks, hope to hear back from you guys soon, take care.


  3. avatar Kirk Allen says:

    Please send me a practice exam for the T1 test.
    Thanks, Kirk Allen

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