Water Treatment Operator Deadline

It's almost exam day.  Relax!

It’s almost exam day. Relax!

One last reminder: If you plan on taking the next Water Treatment Operator certification exam in California (next November 16), the deadline to submit your application is September 1.  However, that is a Sunday, so the real deadline is today!  This is your last chance!  You will find the application at:


Go way down to the bottom of that web page and click on the “Treatment Operator Application” link.  Print it out, fill it out, write the check, find your transcripts, and then get down to the post office to get your application post-marked today — or tomorrow if your post office has Saturday hours.  Note that the post mark is needed by September 1 — your application does not need to be received by the Department of Public Health by that date.

Also, if you don’t have the transcripts or documentation required for your water training courses, submit your application anyway!  DPH will usually allow you another few weeks to submit any missing documentation.  But your application and the fee absolutely need to be postmarked by tomorrow.

Also, thanks to the fifty-plus folks that attended the Distribution Exam Review workshops that we led for the California-Nevada AWWA this past week.  We hope you enjoyed the classes, and that they will help you pass your exam on September 21.  We hope you will join us here at MOST as Subscribers.  Please enter your e-mail address at the top of the page where it says “Subscribe to Updates.”  It’s free!

As always, if you encounter a topic that you would like us to address here in a blog or a YouTube video, please click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page and send us a note.  MOST is here to help you pass your Water Treatment Operator and Water Distribution Operator exams, and to provide you with the MOST convenient and economical way to get the continuing education/contact hours that you need to renew those certifications.

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