Water Treatment Operator Exam

You’ve only got four weeks left until the Water Treatment Operator certification exam in California on May 18.  Make sure you get some studying in every day or two between now and exam day.  And don’t forget that MOST is here to help you pass!

The single MOST important topic addressed on the Water Treatment Operator exam is Water Quality regulations.  At MOST, we currently offer five courses that should be real helpful to you as you study this topic.

WQ-1 is The Nature of Water, in which we define several critical water quality vocubulary terms.  Instead of getting a simple list of vocabulary terms — which is very difficult to memorize and master — we place these terms in a context that makes sense.  In short, you get the “big picture,” instead of getting “lost in the weeds.”

WQ-4 is Microbiology for Operators, where we walk you through a Microbiology lab and show you the “tools of the trade.”  We also go through many more important vocabulary terms, once again placing them in context — this time in terms of our arch-enemy, the pathogen.

WQ-5 explores the MOST important pathogen-related water quality topic, the Total Coliform Rule.  If you think you can pass the exam without knowing the ins-and-outs of this regulation, you are sorely mistaken!

WQ-6 looks at the four chemicals approved for disinfection of drinking water — Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorine Dioxide, and Ozone — and examines the advantages and disadvantages of each.

And WT-1 explores the single MOST important regulation for treatment, the Surface Water Treatment Rule.  As with the Total Coliform Rule, passing the certification exam without understanding the SWTR is a virtual impossibility.  In short, if you don’t know the TCR and the SWTR, you’re going to be SOL!

Each of these courses — like all of our courses here at MOST — is available to you right now!  And each will only cost you $10!  And you can replay each of these one-hour courses as many times as you need to, for up to a full year after purchase!  Plus, each course earns you one hour of continuing education/contact hours toward the renewal of your existing Water Treatment Operator or Water Distribution Operator certification!  (Did we use too many exclamation points in this paragraph?)

If you’re taking the Water Treatment Operator exam on May 18, take a look at each of these courses as a simple and economical way to give you the MOST complete picture of the MOST important topic on the exam, Water Quality regulations.

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