Water Treatment Operator Exam

Are you ready to take the plunge on the Water Treatment Operator exam?

Are you ready to take the plunge on the Water Treatment Operator exam?

Only one week remains before the Water Treatment Operator exam here in California.  Are you ready?  This weekend may be your last chance to brush up on your water treatment knowledge, and get in a few more practice math problems.  So make the MOST of your time!

Dozens of you have taken advantage of our standing offer to MOST Subscribers, and you have received your practice exam.  We still feel this is the MOST beneficial step you can take to prepare for the State exam.  If you still need a MOST practice exam, “Contact” MOST as soon as you can, so we can email it out to you.

We are still getting around 70 visitors each day to our YouTube site, and even the occasional “Like.”  Take a few minutes to review our “Top Ten” videos.  They’re nice and short, and will get your brain engaged in thinking about all things water.

It’s a bit late to order the MOST Water Math DVD prior to this exam, but it’s great timing to prepare for the next one, which is a Water Distribution Operator exam on September 20.  If you already have this DVD, go back and replay the practice problems at the end of each course.  If you’re limited on time, be sure to review the Pounds Formula and Chlorine Math courses (WM-6 and WM-7), as these will be featured the MOST on the State exam.

If you have any more requests from MOST, don’t wait until the last minute.  Our schedule is extremely packed right now, so it could take a while to reply.  Please be patient, and have a good weekend of studying for the Water Treatment Operator exam.

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  1. avatar Jessey Cordero says:

    Can I please obtain a copy of the treatment practice exam? Thank you

  2. avatar Richard says:

    How do I receive your Water Treatment Operator Exam?

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