Water Treatment Operator Exam

Did you make it to the top on Saturday?  (Mt. Starr King, Yosemite National Park, courtesy N. Roback)

Did you make it to the top on Saturday? (Mt. Starr King, Yosemite National Park, courtesy N. Roback)

How was your Saturday?  For many of our MOST Subscribers, it was time for their Water Treatment Operator exam.  They had a great advantage over the other exam-takers: they had the MOST Practice Exam to help them prepare.  These practice exams are built on feedback from our MOST Subscribers, and today is feedback day.  How well did our MOST Practice Exam prepare you?  Where was it deficient?  Where was it particularly helpful?  Please let us know.

Our special thanks to Lynn and Sully for sending us feedback on Saturday!  We sent out several dozen practice exams, and we would like to hear back from each of you.  Please comment to this blog or hit the Contact button above to give us your evaluation of our exam.

MOST now has a few months to incorporate your comments into our next version, which we hope to have available for the May 16, 2015 Water Treatment Operator exam.  Thank you for your feedback, and we hope all of our MOST Subscribers get the good word from the State of California in a few weeks.

7 Responses to Water Treatment Operator Exam

  1. avatar Benjamin says:

    I’ll be taking the D2 exam in March and T2 exam in May, and I’m looking forward to utilizing this website while preparing for those exams. Could you please tell me how I can obtain copies of your current D2 practice exam and current T2 practice exam?


  2. avatar David Ballard says:

    Can you tell me when the deadline is for the T2 test.

  3. avatar Justin Jones says:

    Hi Steve, I am scheduled for my T2 exam this May and could really use your practice exam.

  4. It’s good to know that there’s a practice exam for the D2 exam that’s coming up. I’ve been training to become a water treatment operator for quite some time, so I feel like I’m ready to start studying up on the D2 and T2 exams so that I can receive my certifications. I hope that I can pass the D2 exam before taking the T2 exam. Wish me luck!

  5. avatar Louie perez says:

    I will be taking my t-4, can you please tell me how to obtain copies of current practice exams?

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