Water Treatment Operator Exam This Saturday

If your Water Treatment Operator knowledge is as dry as the KIngs River, you need some help from MOST!

If your Water Treatment Operator knowledge is as dry as the KIngs River, you need some help from MOST!

First of all, our apologies for being absent for so long from our blog.  We’ve been pretty busy trying to grow the Water Utility Science program at Santiago Canyon College that we just haven’t had much time for MOST.  The semester is over in a month, so maybe we can catch up a bit this Summer.

But a very important deadline is coming up quickly: this Saturday is the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  MOST has a number of ways to help you pass this Saturday.  We have over 500 blog posts here at MOST, and many of them are dedicated to test-related topics.  So just “Search” our site for many insights to prepare you for Saturday.

Our YouTube site — with over 60,000 visits! — has a number of short videos that will help you on Saturday, including answers to over 30 likely exam questions.

Of course, we’d like you to consider purchasing one of our one-hour online videos — for only $10 apiece.  For Saturday, we especially recommend our Total Coliform Rule course, WQ-5, and our Surface Water Treatment Rule course, WT-1.  These are the two MOST important regulations for the Water Treatment Operator, so expect to see many questions on these on Saturday.  If you’re not ready for them, MOST is here to help.

Finally, we are still offering free sample exams to our MOST Subscribers.  Becoming a Subscriber is easy and free: just go to the MOST home page and enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner.  As a Subscriber, you’ll get up to the minute (well, almost) notices on everything certification, delivered right to your email account.

That is, you’ll get it as soon as the semester ends!  Best of luck on Saturday!

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  1. avatar Gary Oja says:

    Would like copies of your free sample water exams.

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