Water Treatment Operator Exam Week

This Saturday is exam day for those of you taking the California Water Treatment Operator exam this time around.  We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that you found something here at MOST to help you in your preparations.  We also hope that you will come back to MOST when the time comes to get that continuing education that you need to renew that license.  Remember, if you don’t renew in a timely manner — and that includes getting that continuing education/contact hours time in — you will need to take the test all over again!

MOST has spies everywhere!  Our friend Bill provides us with today’s photo.  He was spying on the water supply situation in the Sierras for us just this last weekend.  This is Yosemite Falls from the Merced River.  From this vantage point nearly a mile away from the Falls, you can still hear the roar.  It’s not a big creek flowing there, but it is quite a drop!

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