Water Treatment Operator Exam: Wrap Up

Last Saturday was a big day for those of you taking the Water Treatment Operator exam here in California.  We hope you did well, as doing poorly means two things: first, you won’t get your certification; and second, you have to wait six more months for another shot at that exam.  And by then, much of what you now know will have faded from your memory.

And speaking of fading memories, MOST has an important request to make of you: what surprised you MOST on the exam?

Dozens of you took advantage of our free practice exam offer for MOST Subscribers.  We hope that you found this to be a helpful tool in preparing for exam day.  We believe that we offer the MOST helpful practice exams, and we owe it all to you!  That’s because folks like you who took the Water Treatment Operator exam in the past contacted MOST to let us know how to improve our practice exams.  And today we are asking you to do the same.

Understandably, the Department of Public Health does not want you to reveal exact questions to anyone, including us.  We would not ask you for that.  Instead, let us know how our practice exam matched up with the real thing, and let us know the general areas that we need to improve.

Did our practice exam have too many chlorination questions?  Too few?  Was our math too hard?  Too easy?  What topics showed up on the State exam that we left out of the practice exam?  Your feedback on questions like these is invaluable to MOST as we begin modifying our practice exams for the exam next May.

On another note, MOST had over 2000 visits to our YouTube site in the thirty days leading up to Saturday’s exam.  Thanks for your support!  If you liked the videos there, please indicate that with a “Like” or a subscription to our YouTube site — you’re not automatically a Subscriber there, just because you are a MOST Subscriber!

So please help us to help you and others in the future by providing us with the critical input to let us know how to improve our practice exams — and our YouTube videos.  Thank you for your help!

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  1. avatar Leon Krebs says:

    Rounding off the finished mathematical answer is a battle I would like to overcome.
    Much of my time is wasted trying to remedy this problem and making me feel like I’m guessing.

    Thank you,

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