Were You As Lucky As An Irishman On The Water Distribution Exam?

Are they Irish?  Or do they wish they were Irish?

Are they Irish? Or do they wish they were Irish?

We Irish have a saying:  There are only two kinds of people in this world — those that are Irish, and those that wish they were Irish!  And we’re sure MOST of you wish you had the luck of the Irish when it comes to the Water Distribution exam yesterday.  We hope you are all lucky enough to get “the good letter” from the Department of Public Health six weeks from now.

We were extremely gratified here at MOST over the past two months, as our Subscriber list grew by more than 20 percent!  And MOST of that was due to folks who wanted to get their hands on one of our practice Water Distribution exams.  MOST of you probably believed that this free offer was too good to be true — and you were correct.  Because here is the price you now have to pay: you need to grade our practice exam.

Well, you don’t have to, but we really hope you will!  Please let us know if our practice exam helped a lot, a little, or not one bit.  Please let us know where we need to improve our practice exam for the next round of State certification exams.

What you didn’t see on the MOST practice exams is the improvements made over the years from the input of people just like you.  On the day after they took the exam, they took to their e-mail to let MOST know what we missed on our practice exam.  Thanks to their input, the MOST practice exam is far better today than it was last year — or the year before — or 13 years ago, when we began making sample exams.

So please help us to make the MOST practice exam even better.  Please send us your comments — good, bad, and ugly!  With those in hand we will build an even better MOST practice exam for the next exam cycle.

Who knows?  Our practice exam may get so good that you won’t even need the luck of the Irish!  But that wouldn’t hurt a bit, either.  Would it, lad?  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from MOST!

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