Who Is The Endangered Species Here?

Bettina Boxall of the Los Angeles Times reports today on a newly published report commissioned by the California State Water Resources Board, at http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-water-delta-20100722,0,2161458.story
The report concludes that exports of water for humans in farms and cities must drop by 30%. Given the folks who are most responsible for this report, the primary conclusion is hardly surprising.
Among the remarks in this article is this: “restoring the (Sacramento River) delta’s collapsing fisheries and hydrologic rhythms are ‘fundamentally inconsistent [my emphasis] with continuing to move large volumes of water through the delta for export.'”
As we have related in previous blogs, this contention is not entirely true. As long as those “large volumes” are moved through the delta, the environment is definitely impacted. The main environmental problem is how this water is conveyed, not how much is conveyed. The confusing, unnatural patterns of water flow in the delta would be rectified with an appropriate conveyance facility, like the Peripheral Canal.
So who opposes the real solution to the problem? The very people most responsible for this report — and for countless similar reports that have preceded it, with always the same message: don’t take any water. Notable among these self-proclaimed “environmentalists” is the Environmental Defense Fund.
My view of their mission is the end of Humanity. Every species is precious to the EDF — except Homo sapiens. Based on this, I recommend they adopt a logo similar to today’s photo. At least then, their objectives would be clear. Instead, they hide their real intentions behind “save the Earth” story lines, where the “villian” is always the same: Humans.
I’m not a psychiatrist, but these folks seem to have some deep self-loathing issues, because I’m pretty sure that they are Humans too.
We absolutely need to watch out for the other species with whom we share this planet. But we also absolutely need to take care of ourselves. A balance must be achieved, and it can be done if the EDF and their ilk would cooperate just a little bit.
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