The Winter Solstice

Winter Begins!

Winter Begins!

There are many signs that 2013 is coming to a close:  Christmas shopping at the malls, cards in the mail, and outdoor decorations at many homes and businesses, among many others.  But there is a more ancient sign, and it is found in the same sky our ancestors watched: the Winter Solstice.  Tomorrow marks the solstice, which is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  From here on out, the days get longer, but not before we pass through the winter months — where hopefully we’ll see some rain and snow here in bone-dry California!

We will be celebrating this season like many of you, and that means you shouldn’t expect to see too many posts over the next week or two.  There is one very important deadline coming up, and we told you about it in our last post.  Don’t forget the January 2 deadline for the submittal of your application for the March 15 Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California!

Another year end topic that you may need to address is the renewal of your certification.  Don’t forget that while the schools and other institutions are shut down, MOST is always available to you for continuing education/contact hours online.

Why should you choose MOST?  It might be the shortest day of the year, but we’ve got the longest list of reasons why MOST is — well, the MOST — appropriate choice for your continuing education needs.  Consider the following:

MOST is 100 percent online.

MOST is available 24/7/365.

MOST has a wide variety of topics relevant to Water Treatment and Water Distribution Operators.

MOST has provided the standard content for water technology lectures for California Community Colleges.

MOST has been in the Water industry for 40 years, and has been teaching courses for community colleges, the American Water Works Association, and many others for MOST of that time.

MOST courses are approved by the California Department of Public Health for continuing education/contact hours.

Each MOST course is approximately one hour long, and is worth one contact hour.  That means you don’t need to purchase and complete an 8-hour course when you only need a few hours to renew your certification.

You can print out your MOST course completion certificate as soon as you finish watching any of our one-hour videos, so you can meet those tight certification deadlines.

Once you purchase any MOST course, you can replay it as many times as you wish for a full year — which is really handy if you’re also preparing for a certification exam.

And each MOST course costs only $10!  How can you go wrong?

Here’s wishing you a MOST happy Winter Solstice, and a MOST prosperous 2014!

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