Winter Solstice 2015

Passing the Certification Exam is almost as great as Christmas!

Passing the Certification Exam is almost as great as Christmas!

Another cosmic event is upon us: the Winter Solstice.  While this marks the end of Autumn and the onset of Winter, it also means that the days will gradually get longer over the next six months.  There’s something to be thankful for as we approach the Christmas holiday and welcome the new year.

Another thing to be thankful for is our MOST Subscribers.  We really appreciate getting updates from you about your success on the State certification exams.  Just today we heard from Subscriber Lynn, one of our students from College of the Canyons.  He scored over 90 percent on his Water Treatment Operator certification exam!  Congratulations, Lynn!  And thanks for sharing your success with MOST.

Another thing we are grateful for is the nice wet December we have enjoyed here in California.  Nearly 1 million acre-feet have been added to storage in the State Water Project reservoirs, and we are almost at the normal level for snow in the Sierras.  It’s a good start, but we have a long way to go to catch up with the huge storage deficit of the past few years of drought.

Following the Winter Solstice, it is common for the feeling of hope to grow within us, thanks to the lengthening of daylight each day.  We hope all of our loyal MOST Subscribers will have a Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!

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