WM-5 Now Available!

We just completed our final course in the Water Math series here at MOST, WM-5, Velocity, Friction, and Hydraulic Grade Lines.  The course examines the mathematical formula Q = Av, and then shows how velocity impacts friction, and how friction is represented on hydraulic grade lines.

This course is definitely for you, if you’re getting prepared for a mid-level to high-level certification exam — such as a D3 or T3 or higher here in California.  This mathematical relationship is rarely addressed in the lower certification grades, but is key to understanding how pressures change in distribution systems — something every Operator should appreciate.

We are also planning on offering a DVD of all nine of our Water Math courses.  If you’re interested, please click on the Contact button at the top of the MOST home page.  You’ll get all nine courses — over nine hours and 100 examples of math problems worked out step-by-step — for $100, plus shipping and handling fees.

This DVD offer is in response to requests from folks like you who visit us here at MOST, and are looking for more of what we offer: the MOST economical, the MOST convenient, and the MOST complete Water System Operator training that you can get anywhere.  If you have any ideas on other products you would like to see from us, please let us know!

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