Wow! 25,000 Visits!

Even though our old blogspot site has not seen a new post since last June, it continues to receive nearly 50 visits per day.  Yesterday, we passed the 25,000 visit mark!  In this Thanksgiving season, we are particularly grateful to those of you who have supported us from the outset.  Many thanks, indeed.

We have continued our blog posts here since last July, and we are so very happy to be providing a much more useful service to you, our loyal Subscribers: low-cost, fully online continuing education.  No longer just a blog, we believe we offer you the MOST convenient and cost effective source of continuing education for water system Operators seeking to renew their certification.

Our thanks to all of you!  And as soon as I figure out how to do it, I’ll give you a report on visits here at MOST, too.

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