Yet Another Water Demand

Transportation: Yet Another Water Demand

Water is essential to life.  Yeah, we got that, and so did our ancestors, who all settled next to rivers that flowed twelve months a year.  We all need to ingest water every day, or we’ll die.  But water’s vital role in our lives doesn’t end with ingestion.  In fact, it’s only getting started.

The folks in the Mississippi River basin have used this body of water for many different purposes, including transportation.  See:,0,2837736.story

Just when you thought you had explored all of water’s various, vital roles in our lives, here comes another.  And it is a huge deal!  The United States Army Corps of Engineers is curtailing flows out of dams on the Mississippi’s main tributary, the Missouri River, to conserve water for other purposes, due to the prolonged drought conditions in the central portion of the USA.  And Washington, D.C., is up in arms!  The concern of several members of Congress is that these flow curtailments will impact transportation and commerce along the Mississippi River.

We don’t experience that here in California.  We have come to recognize that our “rivers” are way too unreliable for transportation.  Or are they?  While not nearly the transportation conduit that the Mississippi is, the Sacramento River serves as a vital shipping route to the “ports” of Sacramento and Stockton — both many miles inland and far away from the Pacific Ocean.

Thus, transportation poses yet another water demand on our already fragile water infrastructure.

And we are MOST grateful to those of you who have sent us your thoughts on the November 17 Water Treatment Operator certification exam.  Thank you!  We will be incorporating your reflections into our future courses and blogs.  So you have just performed a real service for the folks who will be taking the exam in the future.

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