Yosemite Falls — Live!

In our last post, we noted that we had spies everywhere, when showing off a recent photo of Yosemite Falls.  Well, it seems that MOST is not the only spy outfit around!  The National Parks Service has live webcams of Yosemite Falls, as well as five other locations around the park.  See:


So it looks like you can get your own water supply updates from now on!  But we will still continue to provide you with our commentaries on the situation, and reports from our spies — and photographers — in the future.

Good luck on Saturday, for those of you taking the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  Please “Contact” MOST after the exam to let us know how you did, and if you were surprised by any of the questions on the exam.  If you’ve used our sample exams, our blogs, our YouTube videos, and our courses here at MOST, you shouldn’t see too many surprises!

And if you need to relax before the big exam, check out those Yosemite web cams.

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  1. avatar Misako says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to work troguhh all these problems and upload them for our use. I must say that working troguhh the problems and watching the videos helped a tremendous amount! Thank you

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