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  • WD 1 – The Hydrologic Cycle

    This course examines the hydrologic cycle on Planet Earth, including terminology for the changes of state and movement of water.  Also included is a discussion of water storage on the planet, and alternative sources of water supply.  Course intended for …
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  • WD 2 – Reservoirs

    This course examines reservoirs in the distribution system.  Different reservoir purposes are discussed, as well as the impact of reservoirs on system water quality.  Approximate length:  1 hour.

  • WD 3 – Pipe Systems

    This course examines the pipe systems in the distribution system.  Topics include pipe system layouts, pipe selection criteria, and the advantages and disadvantages of common pipe materials.  Approximate length:  1 hour.

  • WD 4 – Flow Meters

    This course examines flow meters used in distribution systems.  Common applications, basic operating principles, and advantages and disadvantages are discussed.  Approximate length:  1 hour. walloon region funding

  • WD 5 – Chloramines in the Distribution System

    This course examines the operational challenges posed by operating distribution systems with a chloramine residual.  Topics include interpretation of the breakpoint curve from field water quality analysis, blending with free chlorine, and nitrification.  Approximate length:  1 hour.

  • WD 6 – Backflow and Cross Connections

    This course provides definitions for cross connections and backflow, and examines the system hydraulics that can lead to backflows.  It also looks at the most common backflow prevention devices and their applications.  Approximate length:  1 hour.