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Here at MOST, we provide you with an easy to use audio and video approach to learning.  Each course is about one hour long, and is completely prepared by MOST founder, Steve McLean.  He brings nearly 40 years of experience in the water field to each course, giving you the benefit of his expertise as an Operator, Chemist, Engineer, Researcher, and Plant Manager.

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  1. avatar g.schubert says:

    I will like to get your WD3 Pipe Systems. How do I get it. It does not provide an “add to shopping cart” log. ?

    • avatar MOST says:

      Unfortunately, WD-3 is not ready to go yet. This is true for several of the courses that are listed. If you don’t see the “Add to Cart” icon at the bottom of the course description, it’s because I’m still working on it.
      Actually, WD-3 is nearly complete, so I hope you’ll see the “Add to Cart” soon for that course. I’ll also announce it in the blog.

  2. avatar Ferral Brandon says:

    Hi Steve, don’t know if you remember me I work for the city of Northglenn Colorado, and purchased all your math classes that you put on a disc for us. I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you do. your style is just what I needed. I have been to several classes and took the test 3 times in the past (water B ) and received a score of 52 three times not doing any of the math problems. this time after working with your disc I just received a passing score for the B and will now be going after my A..
    thanks you again for all your help your mathe lessons made the difference..

    • avatar MOST says:

      Thank you, Ferral! It was your idea to put my Water Math courses on DVD. I’ve had dozens of people buy the DVD now, and their feedback, like yours, has been very positive. Good luck with your Colorado A license!

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