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Get your continuing education credits from the comfort of your home or office. Our videos are informative and convenient, and personally prepared by someone who is not only an expert in the field, but someone who has been teaching water system Operators in college since 1989.   We want you to have the MOST excellent continuing education experience possible, so please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. avatar Evelyn B. kent says:

    I need 16 contact hours to renew my Treatment Operator II certificate. How many courses from your course list do I need to get to complete the 16 contact hours?



    • avatar MOST says:

      Hi Evelyn:
      Good to hear from you again! I hope all is well.
      Each course at MOST is worth one hour of continuing education. That means you would need to take 16 courses. Right now, I have 17 that are available, so you could get everything you need at MOST. That would also immediately make you my best customer!
      I hope you’ll at least try a few of the courses out. If you do, let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions for improvement.

    • avatar Sergey says:

      I can answer a coulpe of your questions. Distance learning (and I think this includes courses through the mail, as well) are courses you can do from your home, where the teacher is a fair distance from where the student is. There are some situations, where, for instance, a whole class might meet in one location, and the teacher is in another, sometimes with another group, and there are video and computer links. People take these classes to fulfill all sorts of requirements and interests, especially when they can’t GET to another location every week or two or three times a week to take a class. For instance, I once took a whole degree where I had to drive, daily, three hours each way to classes, spend all day, then come home, because I didn’t want to relocate altogether. I would MUCH rather have done the whole degree long-distance, but that wasn’t an option at the time. I live in a rural area, and getting advanced courses is often difficult, and all we have here is a community college, so, if I want an advanced class, I have to do something else, and that can be done through distance and online courses. I can’t help you out with any specifics. There are some good online Universities, but I’d be willing to bet there are some scams out there as well. Do your research and make sure you actually can TALK to someone who has taken courses through whatever group you want to send money to good luck!

  2. avatar Tom Courtney says:

    Steve I have myself in a bind I need a crash course for 16 contact hours by Oct 1 can you help?

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