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Water System Operator Article

We just began receiving a new magazine called — appropriately enough! — “Water System Operator.”  They also go by “WSO,” as everything these days seems to be known only by acronym.  (Like MOST!)  The cover article this month caught our …
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Ozone and Bromine

Here’s another inquiry from a Subscriber:  “I have a hot tub.  The hot tub has an “ozone generator” which creates a steady stream of small bubbles through the pool.  The recommended treatment system is bromine, which I am maintaining according …
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WQ 6 – Disinfectants

This course examines each of the four chemicals approved for drinking water disinfection: chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide, and ozone.  The advantages and disadvantages of each chemical are discussed, as well as the purposes of adding disinfectants.  This course is eligible …
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